Fly Reel DFMA

Fly Reel DFMA

Ultimus Engineering evaluated an existing fly-fishing reel design and proposed several design improvements in order to reduce material and assembly cost. DFMA (Design for manufacture and assembly) best practices target the theoretical minimum part count, however the function of a design limits what parts can ultimately be eliminated.  


The criteria for determining the minimum part count are as follows:

  • “During operation of the product, does the part move relative to all other parts already assembled?” 
  • “Must the part be of a different material or be isolated from all other parts already assembled?” 
  • “Must the part be separate from all other parts already assembled because otherwise necessary assembly or disassembly would be impossible.” 

Assembly time was reduced by eliminating difficult to handle components or unnecessary steps, by using press-fits, combining parts or snap features.  By applying these DFMA methods, the total part count was reduced from 37 to 20 and the assembly time decreased by 61%.  


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